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Mercu Buana Center serves as a dedicated platform, made available for every valued and excellent resource from Mercu Buana University. Our services are an actualization of Mercu Buana University’s noble vision in sharing their academic professionalism and mastery to a wider field of organizations.

Operate as an arm of the University, we were profoundly inspired to embody the breadth and depth of Mercu Buana University’s multifaceted educational approach. Carrying the responsibility of providing solutions to many contemporary affairs faced by organizations today.

our vision

Becoming a highly respected and professional company training, research and consulting.

Our Mission

Constantly perfecting the quality of training, research and consultancy products in a professional and academic way.

Committed endeavors in cultivating creative, innovative, and globally competitive human resources.

Advancing all of our prospective resources to create advantageous value for our respective stakeholders proficiently.

Our Value

Conceptually Properly, Practically Appropriate
Conceptually Properly Practically Appropriate

Our Service


We acknowledge the importance of people
in developing strong force for your business.
As a response to fulfilling the needs of
upgrading skills, we design exclusive
training programs based on innovative
learning and developmental frameworks.


In a world of competitive business, it’s a
priority to have the right information and
scrutinize gained insight to make sure that
your organization is always two steps ahead
of the ever-changing industry.


Refining your strategic plannings is an
unmistakably important process.
Identify the unprecedented challenges,
navigate through the fast-changing
economy, and stay relevant as an

A Proud Part & Partner of
Nation's Prestigious University
A Proud
Part & Partner of Nation's
Prestigious University
Mercu Buana Center is part of Mercu Buana University, located in Jakarta, Indonesia. With 4 campuses and more than 35.000 students, Mercu Buana University is one of the top-rank universities in our country.
Mercu Buana University Introducing:
Mercu Buana Center

Our journey for over 34 years in the academic fields has significantly fostered faith in the Mercu Buana University community of academia. In a dignified purpose to facilitate progress by elevating the quality of human resources. With Mercu Buana Center, we initiate conversations and work together with the industry and business world.

As an integral part, Mercu Buana Center will be enhancing and empowering every existing resources in Mercu Buana University, both tangible and intangible assets.

our program

Mercu Buana Center Certification Program

Our certification programs are crafted systematically as a competency development for academicians and professionals. We provide the necessary tools and mechanism to help defining professional standards.

Mercu Buana Center In-Company Education Program

Work with our academic professionals to develop premium in-company programs specifically designed for your organization. Handling a wide variety of industries practice, we mobilize experts to identify your needs and ensure the best solutions.

Mercu Buana Center Public Education Program

The key to excelling for investing in people’s development is to keep your human resources on the leading-edge of being the frontier of the dynamic and changing nature of the industry. Stay ahead of the competition with our various professional development training.