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See every challenge as an opportunity to nurture your strength. We make sure that your people achieve their highest potential. Creating specialized solutions, aligning insight and expertise for your business objectives.


In a world of competitive business, it's a priority to have the right information and scrutinize gained insight to make sure that your organization is always two steps ahead of the ever changing industry. Find your industry below and be the frontrunner.


The key to excelling in investing in people's development is to keep your human resources on the leading-edge of being the frontier of the dynamic and changing nature of the industry. Stay ahead of the competition with our various professional development training. Find our services below and take action.

Mercu Buana Center serves as a dedicated platform, made available for every valued and excellent resource from Mercu Buana University. Our services are an actualization of Mercu Buana University's noble vision in sharing their academic professionalism and mastery to a wider field of organizations.

Operate as an arm of the University, we were profoundly inspired to embody the breath and depth of Mercu Buana University's multifaceted educational approach. Carrying the responsibility of providing solutions to many contemporary affairs faced by organizations today.


Financial, Investment Services, and Insurance (FSI)

Make the right decisions for your financial, insurances, and investment action. We’ll help you in utilizing your financial information and preparing the finance leaders in you. Our experts and consultants will show you the way, navigating in confidence, through the emerging markets.

Communication, High Tech and Media (CHM)

Our experts and practitioners will equip you with the knowledge, skills and insights you need to advance your communication, media and technological assets. Use our extensive training and courses to reach and trigger creative thinking to tackle all kinds of challenges.

Resources, Infrastructure, and Utilities (RIU)

Our professionals will help you to turn every challenge into opportunities with proven business solutions. strengthening your core business, retaining and expanding your customer base, and also improving operational efficiencies. Find the right solutions for a variety of issues such as regulatory environment, profitability, shareholder value, and environmental matters.

Automotive, Transportation, and Logistics (ATL)

Our practical experience and consulting approaches will help you develop new concepts, generating industry perspectives and corporate analyses. We'll guide you to combine and utilize your assets, increasing possibilities of surviving the tough competition with competitors.

Healthcare, Property and Consumer (HPC)

Understand your consumers, create innovative solutions in facing the challenge in healthcare, consumer, and property industries. Our insightful professionals will give you the clinical and business insights. We’ll be providing you the bird-eye view of the business intersection, and deliver measurable results to build on your capabilities.

Government and Public Services (GPS)

Think beyond. Our dedicated teams of experts will guide you to transform your capacity for a better social impact. Develop the right human capital, integrating management with business strategies to help organizations and governance.


MBC for Training

Mercu Buana Center For Training

We acknowledge the importance of people in developing strong force for your business. As a response to fulfilling the needs of upgrading skills, we design exclusive training programs based on innovative learning and developmental frameworks.

MBC for Research

Mercu Buana Center For Research

In a world of competitive business, it’s a priority to have the right information and scrutinize gained insight to make sure that your organization is always two steps ahead of the ever-changing industry.

MBC for Consulting

Mercu Buana Center For Consulting

Refining your strategic plannings is an unmistakably important process. Identify the unprecedented challenges, navigate through the fast changing economy, and stay relevant as an organization.